The Dark Knight Gave Its Last Blog Post

I swear to Zeus, Odin, or whatever deity up there in this universe or the parallel, that this is the LAST blog post ever related to The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR). I swear! May Odin, Thor, Zeus, Gundala’s Father, Amon Ra, The Engineers, etc. smite me with their lightning rod, thunderous dildo, or whatever if I ever post anything again related to TDKR!

It is amazing that from a simple movie review came out such a strong reaction. Both in agreement and disagreement. Not only that, my review on TDKR broke personal record on blog views. The day the review was posted saw my blog receive more than 5,600 views – never achieved before. Of course, I would attribute it to @deelestari RT-ing my blog link.

The post also receives the most comments ever, scoring more than 60 comments (so far). And new comments still come in almost a week after I posted the review. This is amazing phenomenon.

In my last post, I already wrote about fanaticism over a movie director may make one less critical about the director’s work. But as I ponder through the passionate (and few heated) comments, I also saw that many seem genuinely defensive about TDKR as a movie (and not because they are “Team Nolan”). Some tried to reason with me, to convince me, that TDKR is indeed a good movie. Few went at length to explain in remarkable detail why I was ‘wrong’ and why majority is ‘right’.

What I found astonishing is that many TDKR fans find it hard to believe that people can have different opinion from theirs. Some frame dissenting opinion as “wrong”, i.e. it is “wrong” to not like TDKR. It is as if they failed to comprehend that a movie is a subjective experience – its enjoyment does not depend on the movie per se, but a combination of the audience’s expectation, culture, references, or just plain “taste”. I enjoy both ‘crappy’ blockbuster and award-winning movies, from Michael Bay’s beautiful mindless gun-porn to moving Oscar winners like ‘The Artist’ or ‘The King’s Speech’. But I know many friends who hate Michael Bay (or ‘The Artist’), and I understand why.

This TDKR episode made me realize that accepting other people’s different point of view is probably an acquired skill. When a child does not get a toy he wants, he could not understand the parents’ reason. All he knows is it is good if he has the toy, and it is not good if he does not. But as one grows up, one (supposedly) learns the diversity of people, the complexity of life, and hence the diversity of perspectives, and that people who have different opinion/perspectives are not necessarily wrong. Just…different.  

Problem begins when differences on subjective matters are brought down to the “right or wrong” level. When people hold their perspectives as infallible dogma, different opinions become offences, sins, violations, that have to be corrected or made repentant. This is when dialogue ceases, and condemnation begins. And if there is no restraint in place, on some topics it can get ugly and go down further to “witch hunt” (For example, different religious interpretation can lead to manslaughter, and even genocide).

Movies may seem banal, mundane, trivial. But the way we talk about it may reflect a more profound way of how we approach differences. Whether we treat diversity of opinions with right/wrong attitude, or with respect to differences. And from respect, comes mutual learning, and understanding.

Last note on The Dark Knight Rises and Christopher Nolan. Whatever you think about the movie or the Director, the fact that they garner such devoted followers is indeed impressive. And for that, I show respect. 🙂

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  1. hahaha kok kedengerannya malah lo yang jadi defensive om? :))

    kalo adu batman vs spiderman menurut gw biasa aja dua-duanya,

    dari segi aktor (yg cuman bisa gw nilai heu)
    – akting andrew garfield yang berkesan menurut gw cuman di “Never Let Me Go” (bagian akhirnya),
    -kalo christian bale, akting dia di batman trilogy menurut gw jauh dibawah akting dia di “American Psycho” “The Machinist” “The Fighter”

    pada akhirnya ya…. whatever float your boat :))

  2. whoa!! 5000 click! punya aye cuma 79 klik aja udah bangga banget XD … posting ttg TDKR emang bikin penasaran banyak orang 😀

  3. Agree Bang. When someone doesn’t like a movie, mostly caused by different expectation among any other reasons.
    I have managed my self as a movie lover to understand and respect other opinion regarding a movie.
    I love this movie a lot. And I still like your blog!

  4. Agree Bang. When someone doesn’t like a movie, mostly caused by different expectation among any other reasons.
    I have managed my self as a movie lover to understand and respect other opinion regarding a movie.
    I love this movie a lot. And I still like your blog!

  5. Kenapa sih selalu pake vocab yg susah-susah, Bang? *lu aja yg bego, Sar..* #akhirnyanyadar #maapsalahfokus #gapentingjuga #anywayit’sagreatclosingcommentforTDKR #alwaysadmireyou #sudahstoppakehastagsampedisini

  6. last time, someone said, and i quote: “nonton film itu masalah selera subyektif kok. Buat yang seneng Mr.Bean Kesurupan Depe juga ga papa kok…” so, no problem lah kalo emang ada/banyak yg gak suka Rises. tapi yg suka juga jangan dibilang fanatis buta dong yaa… 🙂

    • Sebenarnya posting ini tentang mereka yg berusaha “mengkoreksi” opini gw. Padahal ya itu, selera masing2. Gw sendiri gak masalah dengan review org lain yg bilang bagus kok. Gak berusaha mengkritik review org lain. 🙂

  7. Iye om piring, nonton film tuh subjektif banget.

    Setelah ketiduran 3x pas nonton Lord of the Rings (selalu ketiduran di menit ke 20-40), aku nyerah ngikutin maunya orang lain nyaranin aku nonton film apa.

    Film, sama seperti buku, sifatnya sangat subjektif buat penikmatnya 🙂

  8. Iya, setuju. Buktinya, saya bisa punya opini senada sama Piring utk TDKR. Tapi terbukti, untuk Total Recall, pendapat kami jadi berseberangan. From Piring’s TL, I knew he enjoyed the movie a lot, while for me, the 2012’s Total Recall falls into the category of “why-bother” movie :p (ampun sob!) So, yeah, different perspective, every time. It’s art. No one’s completely right… or wrong. But opinon, explanation, expression, must always have a room.

    ~ D ~

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