The Laughing Phoenix On Beauty

I want to talk about beauty

It may seem a subject that has been talked about for too long, and too much

But mankind never gets tired of beauty, ever since the dawn of civilization

Ancient Greeks say it can launch a thousand ships

Scientists say it advertise genetic quality

Poet says it is God’s handwriting

Economists say it has a price (not a too remote idea if you consider rich men’s wives, girlfriends, and mistresses!)

Comedian says beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

Photoshop operators say beauty is digital trick

Now, I am not Greek (if you took out the ‘r’, that’s more like it!), nor I am a scientist, a poet, or economist. I can’t operate Photoshop

But here’s what I can say about Beauty

It is The Eyes that penetrate your defenses, make you feel feel naked behind steel armor

It is The Voice that makes your soul tremble and jump in joy at the same time

It is The Smile so glorious it gives you sleepless nights

It is The Touch that sends electric currents from your skin all the way to the Central Nervous System

It is The Face of The Goddess, where all truth and faith radiate from

Beauty is what makes you forget all the other ugliness we call ‘reality’

Beauty is what makes a coward out of brave men, and a hero out of coward men

But most exquisite of all:

Beauty is a drop of eternity, in the passing ocean of mortality

Where time seems to stand still, and for a moment nothing else matters


PS: who do you think are the most beautiful women on the planet (at any of their lives, dead or alive)?

Categories: Random Insight


  1. from all of ur explanations about beauty….i can state that the most beautiful women on the planet is….
    MY MOM ^^

    • Mom!! I saw a picture of her holding me when I was just a baby with a tender smile on her lips. Drop dead gorgeous :))
      Btw every touch would be sent to our CNS, regardless. Otherwise we won’t sense it #justsaying

  2. Om piring coba google di youtube deh ttg the face. Actually scientist believe in divine proportion of every size,measurement in human face. Beauty can be measured. In fact I also can tell anyone’s beauty by their cephalometric radiography (x ray of ur skull from lateral), I’m a dentist btw. Nice poet, I wish I met a men who tells me that one day, and hopefully he’s not a dentist :p

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