A Letter To My Imaginary Child

I don’t have a child. Not that I don’t want one, but I guess the stork hasn’t gotten the instruction yet. Or it got lost in Riau smoke. God knows.

Nevertheless, at my I age I start to feel parental instinct. That I wished I had a child to talk to. Or to write to. To share what I learned so far living. And hence I am writing this letter. This is a letter to my imaginary child. But perhaps, it could speak to other people’s real child too πŸ™‚


A Letter To My (Imaginary) Child


Dear Son/Daughter,

Let me start with an apology

I am sorry you were not brought into a perfect world

Instead, you were born into a place full of suffering, of natural disasters, but worst of all, you will be living among humans full with faults, same as you.

But let me assure you, that this imperfect world provides opportunities of little paradises along the way

That human kind is given the precious ability to feel

Because even though you will feel anger, sad, hate, grieved, despair, betrayed, alone, afraid

So too you will feel love, hope, joy, compassion, friendship, and courage

You will fall and stumble on your journey. Everybody will.

But do not dwell at the bottom and whimper for too long

Because believe me when I tell you,

Victory may lie at the destination,

but true glory is when someone gets back on his feet again, dusts himself off, and walk again

Don’t you worry about heaven and hell. You are just a selfish prick if all you think is whether you got a place in heaven, or be spared from hell.

Don’t you worry about heaven and hell. Look up the sky instead. And fly. And conquer it.

But do worry about how you treat other people. Be nice, be compassionate, be helpful. Don’t strive to be a genius, but first try not to be a douche, a jerk, or a prick. Your intelligence can not bring heaven to your life. But other people can. And hell they can bring also. So be nice to other people.

And do know this. Life is random. Life is not discriminate. Life is not racist. Life is not judgmental. Life just happens.

If bad things ever happen to you, there are only two possibilities. It is a direct consequence of your own deed, or it is just a pure random event. If it is the former, make a lesson out of it, and move on.

If you are certain it is NOT the former, make peace with yourself and accept that shit does happen. You will only be wasting time if you try to know whether the gods just want to make your life miserable, or that you are being punished over some unknown reasons.

Life is a song, with probabilities as lyrics and chances as melody. Learn to dance to the music, and you will be fine.

Freedom is your entitlement. But remember, exercise your freedom so it does not violate other people’s freedom. Because if you do, it is not freedom. It is tyranny.

Do not be ignorant. Respect knowledge, respect wisdom. There is not anything under or over the sky too sacred for you to question. At every moment, till the day you die, find the opportunity to learn. Remember your teachers are all around you, be them people, writings, or even nature.

If there is one trait I hope you will forever nurture, it’s humility

Because when you are humble, you will never feel too smart

Too smart to learn from people with different values, beliefs, or colors. Or from people who seem humbler than you

And when you never feel too smart to learn, you will continue learning for the rest of your life

And a truly wise person you shall become

And with that wisdom, I pray that you find your real happiness.

I shall cease to exist in this world, that is just the way Life is

When that day comes, you will learn to let me go

By then, you may already have a child of your own, and that you too pass on the lessons of life to him

But even if you don’t, remember you can still share your wisdom, your knowledge, your discoveries, to other people, so that they can become your Children in Knowledge and Life

This is all I can share with you, for now. Now live, and let me learn from you as well.



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  1. Aku juga pernah bikin surat buat calon anakku di masa depan, (http:// ikamemangcerewet.blogspot.com/2011/10/repost-untuk-calon-anak-kami.html?m=1)
    saat masa-masa frustasi kok belum dipercaya juga ama Allah buat punya anak. Setahun setelah itu, akhirnya rezeki itu datang juga. Semoga segera dipercaya juga ya kak. Amin.

  2. Wonderful Piring….. very deep and touching… can I customize your idea and share it to my 2 years old daughter who will grow up and learn from her imperfect father with all the handicaps he has.

  3. Reblogged this on Ladeva's Blog and commented:
    Victory may lie at the destination, but true glory is when someone gets back on his feet again, dusts himself off, and walk again. – Henry Manampiring a.k.a Om Piring.

  4. I imagine that my deceased mother read it aloud to me and I cry.
    I cry because it is so beautiful and it is true.
    I will pass this too to my (imaginary) child(ren).
    Thank you for sharing such profound wisdom.

      • In the past, I have punched people on the face and put them to hospital, got so many broken bones my doctor told me to control my temper or I may wind up dead.
        …..Fast forward, I am a father of 2 small warriors now. Here in the corner I cried reading the letter. First time in 20 years perhaps…
        Damn onion ninjas..

  5. you’re a gonna be a great father, Om Piring… I can tell that already :))
    terima kasih buat tulisan di atas *jempol*

  6. Oom Piring, aq langsung ngebayangin alm. papaku yang nulis surat ini. How I wish he was here to play with his 5 granddaughters.. :”’)

  7. I’m a new teacher in a hood, wish all my students had the same thought and applied it in the real life, how easy my work would be.. Ask to share, pliss oom Piring..

  8. Enjoying reading whilst listening Ayah (Seventeen’s). In love with A Letter To My Imaginary Child. Well worth a read! How great thou art, Om Piring. Semoga harapannya segera terkabul.

  9. Reblogged this on and commented:
    My tears fall dawn read this letter. I imagine how lovely you are as a father. And maybe … I wanna have father like you πŸ™‚

  10. Piring…long time no see……this sooooo damn good bro…daleeeem…permission to pass this (later) to my son ya bro….take care and god bless you and wife

  11. Im so touch with this. Well i want to have child also but until now i haven’t find my husband yet 😐 alias jomblo om 😥. Hopefully your thought n pray will answer soon om

  12. Beautifully written and inspiring, keren banget! Will pass this to my daughters…
    I hope you are well and the stork will bring the baby soon.

  13. Don’t teach about heaven and hell to your son / daughter om. But teach them how to love, how to forgive, and how to find a perfect wive or husband for their future.
    That matters. πŸ™‚

  14. i cant help my tears just fell down themselves. thank you, om piring. that day when i met you in person was just beautiful :”)

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