Why I Love Donald Trump’s Slogan

Whether you like it or not, our view of the world will to certain extent be influenced by our profession. The economist will see life with some bias towards economics lens. The military guy will see current affairs through geopolitical power struggle lens. Me? I am just an advertising guy whose daily obsession is how to make people buy my client’s stuff. And I too will have a way when looking at the world, as my advertising background colors my lens. Now, I am not an American, and I am not following closely the American presidential election. But as an advertising guy, I can’t help noticing candidates’ slogan. And regardless of my attitude towards Donald Trump as presidential candidate, I had to say I think his choice of slogan is clever. Now this could be the typical post-rationalization thing (it is always easier to explain a success than predicting one), I know, but I just want to explain why I love “Make America Great Again” (and its derivatives). First, the slogan has a compelling structure: MAKE AMERICA [INSERT POSITIVE ADJECTIVES HERE] AGAIN I think the above structure is clever because in ONE sentence, it communicates several narratives: American was ONCE ideal, a better country than it is now. Just drop any positive word there: great, safe, strong, prosperous, peaceful, etc. Make America Great Again. Make America Safe Again. Make America Strong again. Make America Prosperous Again. Make America Work Again. Immediately […]

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