A few personal notes on 2012

A few personal short notes on the passing 2012:

1. Dreams come true. In my experience, it is a combination of long time practice and luck.

2. As years go by, you WILL lose some friends. But along the way you will gain new ones. There is no right or wrong here. It is just the way of life.

3. Be nice to people. Both in real life and online. And life will be nice to you.

4. It is easy to be cynical. But it takes away the energy you could otherwise use to be productive.

5. There are still kind people out there. When you come across them, be thankful.

6. At work, I am not interested in gossip or politics. I just want to do good job, come home to my partner, and read my books. So far it works just fine.

7. Always be curious, read a lot. It keeps my mind sharp, and makes easy conversation with new people.

8. If people spend half their energy judging others for other more useful stuff, the world can be a slightly better place.

9. When the going gets tough, the tough gets patient. Sometimes, things do get better by themselves. Sometimes.

10. Be nice to waiters, janitors, cashiers, cabbies, and other people you may only meet once. It makes their day. And it can make yours too.

11. I have seen hardwork, attitude, and persistence get people farther than creativity or intelligence.

12. Old advice about ‘take a deep breath’? It works many times. Some annoyances are not worth quarelling over.

13. Health before wealth. Because wealth before health only makes hospitals richer.

14. Love and romance is the heart’s territory. But it is worthwhile to give the head hearing time occasionally.

15. Your family is often the last people you go to, although they are often the first to help. Be grateful for them.

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  1. Love your personal note! You articulate them well. I feel the same way about life. And so far these principals help me get through the ups and downs. Happy new year, Henry!

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